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Are you looking for a Enterprise Ecommerce platform for your business?

Digital marketing solutions may sound simple, but the insights, data and algorithms powering them are not. While online marketing may be relatively new, Campion Enterprise E-Commerce solutions have been 5+ years in the making. Using smart thinking unique to Campion alongside tools that have been tried, tested and refined over the years, we know we can improve your turnover with better customer communication through your website.

Expert Developers

Our expert Ecommerce team has a broad range of experience with development models and implementation approaches. We follow best practices and work rapidly to deploy your solution to your exact specification.

Focused Skillsets

Our e-commerce services department augments your internal team's skills through a range of services from Business Analysts and Technical Architects to Java Developers. We'll ensure that you have the tools and personnel you need to enable commerce everywhere.

Complete Implementation

Enterprise implementations are inherently complex, which is why we work closely with our clients to overcome roadblocks and come up with creative solutions. Our goal is full-scale transformation that drives revenue.

We are a complete E-commerce service provider

We not only provide Professional e-commerce platform but also help our E-commerce clients with

Digital Marketing

Graphic Designing

Content Writing

Making Promotional Videos

Inventory Management / Data Setup

Platform Support/Maintenance

We help you choose the right business model for your online venture

When you Plan for an Ecommerce Venture, you have a lot of choices to make. The biggest of the decisions may be the most important as they will ultimately define your business model and much of the future of your business. We specialize in all the business models listed below

Business-to-Business (B2B)

This kind of eCommerce consists of all the electronic transactions and dealings related to the goods and services.These basically are conducted between companies and include conventional wholesalers and producers dealing with retailers.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

The Business-to-Consumer eCommerce is related to the transactions and relationship between businesses and the end customers. This is mainly to do with the retail eCommerce trade that takes place online. With the inception of the internet, B2C eCommerce has evolved to a great extent. Today, we find scores of electronic shopping sites and virtual stores on the web, that sell myriad products, ranging from computers, fashion items to even necessities.
In this case, the customer has more info about the products in the form of informative content and there is also a chance to buy products at cheaper rates. Most times, quick delivery of the order is also maintained.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

This consists of electronic transactions of products and services between two customers. These are mainly conducted through a third party that provides an online platform for these transactions. Sites, where old items are bought and sold, are examples of C2C eCommerce.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

In this, a complete reversal of the selling and buying process takes place. This is very relevant for crowdsourcing projects. In this case, individuals make their items or services and sell them to companies. Some examples are proposals for company site or logo, royalty free photographs, design elements and so on.

Marketplace Business Model

Marketplace Business Model is fundamentally an E-Commerce website or an application which brings all the products and services of different organizations or dealers on the same website, giving them an identifiable platform for better visibility. The firm only provides the platform and the name under which the products and services are sold will still be that of the company providing them. Campion Software provides a stage to organizations that are planning to shape a marketplace model for their business.We provide ready-made platforms for forming a marketplace business model.

Aggregate Business Model

Although it is easy to confuse the marketplace business model with the aggregator business model, there is fine distinction between them. Aggregator business model does not sell products ad services under the name of the vendors. Services are sold under the name of the aggregator. At Campion Software, we have mastered Aggregator BuAggregator Business Model, Services and have successfully created a number of aggregator business platforms as per our clients requirements. We specialize in creating stellar aggregator business model platforms for clients from various industries..

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