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Android/IOS Services

Campion Software design and deliver cutting edge mobile applications, from idea to prototype, on Android, iOS a platform. We Develop Android and IOS Application.

Android Application development

Android is huge. Currently, there are just under 1 billion Android users, under 1 million activations each day. While iOS leads in terms of revenues, the average Android revenue is growing fast and so the future is bright if you play for the long term. Aside from market size and positive revenue growth, publishing your app on Google Play is incredibly easy. Google Play also provides a robust search capability, making it easier for users to discover your app. it’s evident to find an Android app development as part of the core strategy for the top business, enterprises, and startups. Campion Software is delivering best in class Android apps to global clients.

IOS Application Development

While Android offers an exposure to more potential users, iOS offers more revenue and user loyalty. According to latest reports, Appstore offers 5 times more revenue per download, with much higher user retention rates. iOS also holds a relatively high market share in North America, Europe and Australia (around 50%). If your app relies on early revenue or targets one of the western world markets, iOS is a very viable first choice. There are fewer apps to compete with and higher chances of getting to revenue fast. This can prove to be a key choice, especially if your product or startup requires capital to run.